Which Truck is Right for You: the Ram 2500 or Ram 3500?

Bigger jobs require bigger trucks with bigger engines, and that's where the Ram Heavy Duty 2500 model fits into the truck landscape. When a light duty truck just won't do, the Ram 2500 can pull through. The Ram 2500 is a mid-weight truck, designed to perform in even the most challenging driving conditions. With a Best-in-Class maximum gas towing capacity of 16,320 pounds and a maximum gas payload of 3,990 pounds, you'll be able to haul much heavier cargo loads and tow bigger items. Available in many different trims and with a range of available and standard features, you can decide how basic or luxurious you want your Ram 2500 truck to be.

If you have the toughest jobs like towing RVs, horses, or another vehicle, or if you need to carry or haul extraordinarily heavy payloads, you'll need a truck with the most muscle available; in these situations, RAM recommends you consider the RAM 3500 Heavy Duty Truck. These powerful, heavy duty trucks can handle a maximum payload of over 6,500 pounds and, when properly equipped, can tow as much as 31,200 pounds – hard to believe, but that's more than 15 tons! Ram 3500 trucks are also offered in a broad range of trims that run the gamut from basic work truck to all-out luxury, so you can customize your Ram 3500 to best suit your lifestyle. We have a fantastic selection of Ram Trucks in our inventory here at BCP Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Smyrna, DE. Stop by today and let our experienced sales team help you determine which Ram Truck is right for you.


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